What’s a Cervix?


This is the female reproductive system:


I’m sure you’ve seen an image similar to this before, perhaps in sex-ed or as a curious google-er.

So while this image is likely familiar, in recent years, through conversations with women from vastly different age groups and backgrounds, I have found that the anatomy that correlates to this image is more or less undiscovered.

Empowered feminists in their mid-30’s, shy housewives, hyper-sexual eighteen year olds, married ladies, even grandmas frequently have one thing in common: They have gone their entire lives without touching a very tangible part of themselves, this lovely biological structure:


The cervix.

There is a culture of shame about our bodies that is so pervasive that women from all cultures, races, and ages by and large feel embarrassed about what’s going on underneath their skirts.

The end of that starts with us rejecting the idea that our bodies are anything but incredible.

The cervix is amazing.

It opens a centimeter to let an egg out once a month when it goes unfertilized, it opens ten centimeters to allow for a baby to enter this world.

It releases awesome lubricating mucus when you’re feeling frisky, and let’s you know when you’re fertile.


Pretty awesome right? High five to cervixes everywhere.